240V Clear G9 Halogen Bi-Pin Globes (Twin Pack)

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Twin Pack

- 240V Clear G9 Halogen Bi-Pin Globes (Twin Pack)
- Clear glass
- Can be used in mains voltage fittings without the need for a transformer
- Integral UV filter
- Dimmable
- Frosted
- Double fused for safety
- 240v
- 2000hrs Avg Life
- 3000K
- Available in 18W, 25W, 33W, 42W, 75W & 100 watts.

- For general accent and task lighting where space is at a premium
- Especially suited to incorporation into miniature halogen fittings and in furniture such as cabinets and wardrobes

Usage Notes
- May be used in both open and glass fronted luminaires to AS/NZS 60598:2001

Burning Position
- Universal

240V G9 Halogen Bi-Pin Globe (2 pack). These globes are common in modern lamps, both desk and floor and increasingly, in ceiling and outdoor spotlights.

Installation note:
do not touch the glass globe with your fingers when installing.

Use gloves or a cloth or some other dry, clean material. The natural oil from your fingers will shorten the life of these globes considerably.

G9 lamps provide the crisp white light of standard halogen MR16 dichroic lamps without the need for a transformer. Their small size makes them suitable for use in a variety of decorative luminaires. Using krypton gas these lamps have a higher light output than standard halogen dichroic lamps.

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