70W Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp

$40.00 incl tax

- High Pressure 70W Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp (Excellent Colour Rendering, Low Heat Ouput)

High pressure double ended metal halide lamps consist of a quartz discharge tube containing mercury and a combination of metal halides which provide colour correction and arc stabilization. The quartz tube is encased in a clear outer envelope featuring UV block to reduce fading and possible health risks associated with UV radiation. Due to their superior lumen and colour maintenance, these lamps have replaced mercury vapour lamps in many applications including office lighting and floodlighting.

- Tubular outer envelope with UV block for reduced fading
- High pressure (complies with safety requirements of IEC 62035)
- Approved for use in enclosed fittings
- Excellent colour rendering and colour stability
- High lamp efficacy
- Low heat ouput
- Colour temperature of 3000°K to 4000°K

- For commercial and industrial applications where an effective and efficient light source with good colour rendition capabilities is required.
- Commonly used in commercial interiors for accent and general lighting and for illuminating buildings and landscapes
- Also used in television studio lighting
- Suitable for use indoors and in enclosed exterior fittings
- Dimensions (mm): 20 x 114
- Voltage: 240V

Usage Notes
- A hard safety glass cover must be used in all luminaires in which these lamps are used
- A high current protection device must be used with these lamps
- Permissable mains voltage variation is +/-3%. Short term falls of more than 10% in the voltage may cause the lamp to cease operating. Permanent voltage variations outside of the permissible range may result in a reduced lamp life with changes in colour temperature and luminous flux• These lamps should only be used in luminaires complying with the EN 60598-1 standard for thermal characteristics and fuse protection
- These lamps require appropriate control gear with thermal cutout and an ignitor

Burning Position
- Horizontal with a tolerance of +/- 45°

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