Osram IRC Light and Heat Output

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Could you tell me if the Osram Decostar IRC energy saver Halogens are suitable for placing in ceiling spots. Thats assuming the heat behind
may be too high!? The spots are currently using the standard Decostar, so I assume the heat from those would be just as high from behind!!

Do 20 Watt SES Lava Lamp Globes Exist?

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we are trying to get a lava lamp working again- it uses a R39 20W reflector with a 14mm screw thread, we have been unable to source this bulb and have proved that a 25W is dangerous and a 15W doesn’t work.

We wondered whether you could help?

btw great website

thank you,
Christopher Sharp

CFL got wet so Can I let them dry out

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I purchased a couple of boxes of cfs to do the house, however when it rained and the globes were on the floor in the garage they all got wet. Can I let them dry out or? Also will the new CFs take longer and more detrimental to the enviroment when put in the rubbish.

Remove the flicker from these CF lamps

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I have found a problem with the CF lamps and the digital scanning back I am using so I thought to ask your advice first.

The CF lights are producing a repeated (raster) pattern of very pale thin lines parallel to the scan direction (I only noticed them when processing delicate artwork like drawings – they’re there but not so noticeable with high contrast paintings).

I did some searching on the web and it seems that there is an interaction between the high frequency of the CF and the digital scanning back. So I was wondering if you know of any way (electronically, etc.) to remove the flicker from these CF lamps? Is there a special power supply one can use?

Looking for an energy efficient lights to replace downlights

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I am looking for an energy efficient lights to replace my current downlights – the cutout is 80 mm and I found a fitting through Cosmoluce model GE5009 WHT which seems to suit. I am interested in moving to the GU10 CFL globes you speak of on your website. Do you have anything similar available?

LED bud lights and fairy lights to maintain the white light effect

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We bought LED bud lights from a hardware last Xmas and when illiminated they were an unattractive yellow/orange colour. Is this the case with all LED or could it have just been the brand? We would like to purchase several sets for our garden to replace the fairy lights we currently have but would like to maintain the white light effect.

Lamp holders would be suitable as a push bike light

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I rang today as I’m interested in the 6V MR11 (35mm) Halogen Dichroic $9.95 MR11, 35 mm diameter reflector. Available in 5 watt (30 degree beam), 10 watt (10 degree beam), and 20 watt (30 degree beam), with glass cover and G4 base. Used by a lot of bike enthousiasts as head lamp globes.

I would require it as a push bike light and was wondering if you feel it would handle the bumps and vibrations in such use. Also, would you be able to sell or suggest what lamp holders would be suitable and how much?

I would be interested in one of each globe, holders and postage to Melbourne.

Replace the light globe in Lava Lamps

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I have a Lava Lamp in which I need to replace the light globe. The instructions recommend R39 25watt which have been uanble to source. I can source a R39 30watt .. would the increased wattage be a danger to place in the lamp when instructions indicate use 25watt globe only?

architrave light dimmers and also power saving globes

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I have an old home in rural NSW and I am seeking to put in new lights, globes and dimmers Can you pleasse assist me with architrave light dimmers and also power saving globes?

Replacing fluorescents with a new style of lighting

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We are looking at fitting new lights in our theatrette at our schools and the bosses want to replace all the existing with fluorescents with a new style of lighting. What would you recommend?