Do Compact Fluorescents contain Mercury?

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Hi there,
Do compact fluorescents contain mercury? How do I dispose of them safely?
Your reply would be greatly appreciated
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Energy Saving Alternative to Halogen Downlights

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Good morning,
My inquiry is in regard to replacing my 40 halogen downlights with energy saving ones.

My question I guess is what do you recommend, as I require lighting that is very similar to the 50 watt halogens.

Do you have lights that do not heat up like the halogens, if I am replacing them, safety is a big issue, as I worry about halogens and the heat they generate. Hopefully you can guide in the right direction.


Is 5 watt LED Light Output Comparable to Halogen Bulb?

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Your 5W LED MR16 bulb- does it produce as much ight as a halogen 50W BULB?