Are Wall Lights Dimmable?

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I have recently had two dimmer switches installed on my mains lighting in the bedroom with a view to fitting two wall lights that can be dimmed. How can I tell which wall lights are suitable for dimming by this method…is it as simple as if it\’s halogen it can be dimmed? None of the wall lights I have seen listed mention that they can be dimmed unless they have a built in transformer…please can you help?

Jinx Bover

how to remove the cover off an oyster light

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Hi. I have moved into an apartment which has an oyster light fitting in the bathroom. The oyster light seems to be type that is screwed in and has no clips on the sides for easy removal. Its now time to replace the light bulb and i have no idea how to replace it. Do you have a step instructions that i can follow in order to change the bulb? Thanks for your help. Cristina