I am thinking about installing new downlights myself

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Hi Daniel

I am considering your new CFL downlights. Question: My downlight have 100mm Trim diameter and I guess about 70mm Hole diameter. How do you enlarge the existing hole to the 105mm for your downlight without making a major mess? Sorry if this question sounds dumb but I have never done this and no idea how to.



An LED Light to Replace Halogen Downlights – well almost

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Hello All

This is the moment that you have all been waiting for and the moment that I thought would never happen. Yes if you have read my other posts I am almost going to have to “Suck Eggs”. I have told a lot of people that there will never be a MR16 halogen replacement in LED that will produce as much light as the MR16. Well we now have a LED replacement that will produce as mush light as a 20 watt halogen but better still we have an LED light fitting that will produce as much light as a 35 watt halogen. 35 watts equivalent will be more than bright enough for most domestic situations.

The biggest problem that LED manufacturers have had in the past is getting the heat away from the printed circuit boards that LEDs are soldered to. Contrary to popular belief LEDS still operate at high temperatures – not as hot as halogens but still damn hot! This latest release actually incorporates a heat sink into the fitting to assist with the heat problem which means they can add brighter LEDs and because there is less heat this means a longer LED life. The 5 watt LEDs which a lot of you have bought from me in the past produce good light (150 lumens) but this new fitting delivers an amazing 600 Lumens.

This is not a retrofit replacement for your MR16 bulbs but a complete new fitting! If you arent up to changing the fitting over then the 6.5 watt Galaxy High Output LED MR16 Halogen Replacement producing 280 lumens is pretty amazing as well. But you may need a a new transformer.

High Power LED Fitting Galaxy 6.5 Watt High Power MR16 LED Halogen Replacement

DIY Lighting Projects Changing Halogen to CFL

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Hi there,

I have to tell you about a situation I had this afternoon.

It made me laugh and put a huge smile on my face but really it is quite a serious subject

One of my customers called me to tell me that the fittings he had received in the mail today were faulty. He went on to explain that for some strange reason the hole was not big enough for the GU10 CFL globe to fit into the housing and that the globe was sitting proud of the fitting. I asked him if he had removed the front twist lock and he assured me he had but it still wouldnt fit in. I said that it was very strange and to try the other 5 fittings we had supplied and see if they were any different but he told me that they were exactly the same and short of using a hammer they just would not fit in.

I assured him that if the fitting was faulty that my supplier for this fitting (Crompton Lighting) had extremely good customer service and one way or another we get the problem sorted out. In the interim I suggested he send me the photos of the fittings and the problem.

Here are the photos he sent.

DIY CFL Lighting Project

DIY CFL Lighting Project 2

DIY CFL Lighting Project 3

The email that came with the pictures said “As per our telephone conversation earlier today all 6 are exactly the same. So either the globe is too big or the housing is too small. Or I have got something wrong? Please advise.”

This alarmed me. Here was a guy at home that got online and ordered some light fittings and thought he could fit them himself. So apart from trying to put the globe in from the wrong side of the fitting (the globe should be sitting on the rear of the twist lock face) this guy was obviously also going to do his own electrical work as well. In Australia any electrical work must only be done by a qualified electrician. Dont get me wrong there are some electricians that wouldnt know which way to put the globe in either but hopefully he has a good idea on how to wire it safely.

There are some things you can do yourself without getting into too much trouble hopefully. You can mark holes, drill the cut outs and even run some wire if you like but when it comes to attaching the wire to the mains power this job should only be done by trained professionals.

If the fitting is sold a DIY fitting then you dont need an electrician. But if you dont see DIY in the product description or on the box then do as much as you can and then call the sparky!!

Which Halogen Downlight Fitting Provides Better Fire Protection?

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Hi Daniel

Please could you let me know the difference between the Fire Guard Fixed Low Voltage Downlight Kit and the Safety Heat Hood Fixed Low Voltage Downlight Kit.

Which provides better overall fire protection?

Kind regards