Can you use CFL lamps with outdoor movement sensors

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Can the various types of Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) be used in external house lights where they are have a movement sensor?



Ceiling Fan Light Has Terrible Light Output

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I recently replaced my traditional ceiling light with a ceiling fan that has a light in it. I purchased the fan from Bunnings and had an electrician install it. The name of the fan is Brilliant Contempo Eco, and unfortunately I didnt read the packaging closely enough to realise that the light in the fan is a 16W T4 Circular Fluorescent light. This has got to be the ugliest light on the face of the planet. Instead of behaving like I would expect a ceiling light to behave – that is, lighting the room with nice bright warm light, this light bathes the room in a dim blue light, which doesnt give enough light to be able to see anything, and succeeds only in making us all look like corpses.

So my question is – is there a way of changing the light without replacing the whole fan? I am hoping that: 1. there is another type of globe that fits my fan which gives a brighter and warmer light, or 2: I can get some kind of adaptor that will allow me to use halogen or regular light globes in my fan, or 3: I can get an electrician to do some minor work to change the type of globe that my fan takes. What do you reckon?

Thanks so much

Elle Z