How hot does a halogen globe actually burn?

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We have just moved into a house with what seems like hundreds or MR16 lights (all put in around eight years ago), I will remove half of them (pitty the poor soul who’ll be patching the plaster on the ceiling) as these two rooms already have incandecent lighting, this should save power and heat.

The other half of the MR16 lighting is under a flat tine roof which was assembled TIN/SilverInsulation/Insulation Bats/MR16 Down lights, at points the Bats were touching the MR16 lights, I have replaced all MR16 globes with 20w ones I purchased from you and tried at best to remove the Bats from around the MR16 lights but being at flat tine roof at this point it is quite hard.

My question is this, how hot do the 20w globes get as I understand the 50w are in excess of 260c so I estimate the heat to be around 104c reducing the fire hazard considerably (I hope). Also, what is the power consumption of the transformers and do they represent a fire risk?



Metal Halide Shop Lights

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Hello Lighting Pro

I’m renovating a pharmacy shop. Basically I’ve got normal halogen downlights lighting up both sides of the wall stock. I have 6 downlights on each side spanning ~9m each side but the lighting is still very dark.

I was recommended to get metal halide shoplighters.

Just want to know if that is suitable and whether 70W or 150W. Will 70W be too bright.

Many thanks