At Last, an MR16 LED downlight that produces MORE light than a halogen

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Yes you have read this correctly. Whilst everyone else is trying to produce a LED down light that has the same light output as a standard halogen, the new Osram Coinlight Power LED down light actually produces more light than the standard halogen. The next generation LED downlight has arrived.

This new Osram Coinlight Power MR16 LED Downlight is like nothing we have seen before. Normally LED manufacturers baffle the customer (and us) by quoting their LED downlight output light performance in lumens. We all know that the light output of a halogen reflector globe is measured in Lux so until now it has been impossible to compare apples with apples. This has finally changed – here is a brand name LED with a real comparable test, Osram Halogen MR16 vs the latest in Osram LED technology. See for yourself

G50 LED MR16 Comparison Chart

Osram Coinlight LED MR16 Comparison Chart

Not only is the light output of the new Osram Coinlight Power LED down light nothing we have experienced before, but the physical design is something worth mentioning too. It has been designed with more cooling fins than most aircraft engines. Due to popular belief LEDs still get hot – damn hot. In the past premature failure of cheapo imported MR16 LED bulbs has mainly been due to the circuit board that the LEDs are attached too simply burning out. The physical LEDs were probably fine when the lights went out and left you in the dark but the circuit board got too hot and died. The Osram Coinlight Power LED unit has a long life rating due its unique heat dissipation design with the cooling fins and this is why Osram can offer a 30,000 hour life with this product

Osram G50 LED MR16 Halogen Replacement Downlight

Osram Coinlight Power LED MR16 Halogen Replacement Downlight

The LED lamp face is just 50mm (exactly the same as a standard MR16 halogen). So in the fitting it looks just like a standard halogen except with the energy saving and long life benefits. The other big thing is that it fully dimmable!

We have packaged this great Osram Coinlight Power LED downlight bulb in to a complete kit. LED bulbs, great looking light fitting, dedicated LED driver (not some transformer designed to run halogen lights) and complete with flex and plug lead

For more detailed specs please visit here

Change from Halogen Downlights to something more Energy Efficient

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I have some halogen down lights that I would like to make more energy efficient

What steps would you recommend…

Keeping and replacing bulbs perhaps transformers

Or replacing with CFL GU10 fittings

Or perhaps another idea

Thanks in advance


Downlights leaving burn marks on ceiling

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We have numerous halogen downlights in our rented home. They all have square discolouration in the gyproc around them very well demarcated. I think it is related to heat produced by the downlights affecting the gyproc and causing dust etc to attach to this area.

Our landlord is trying to suggest we have damaged the gyproc in some way. There are no other discoloured areas anywhere else on the ceilings.

Could heat from halogen downlights cause this problem?



Which Halogen Downlight Fitting Provides Better Fire Protection?

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Hi Daniel

Please could you let me know the difference between the Fire Guard Fixed Low Voltage Downlight Kit and the Safety Heat Hood Fixed Low Voltage Downlight Kit.

Which provides better overall fire protection?

Kind regards


New Light Fittings – What I would install

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Everyone asks me for advice on what type of light fittings to install.

Sometimes they have already bought the lights, sometimes they have drilled the holes in the ceiling already, nearly everyone has a friend who is an electrician who “knows all about lights” but very rarely does anyone ever come to me and ask “what would you do if you were starting new?”.

In fact there have been only 2 people that didn’t have any commitment or prejudice to one style or another and both took my advice and are over the moon with the results. The sad thing is that I make less money putting customers into the right light fitting than I do putting them into the wrong one (what is wrong with me??)

Here is a picture of my dream light (click on it and it gets bigger)

New Style Energy Saving Downlight Alternative

Now a lot of people are scratching their heads wondering why this is so exciting. There are so many reasons to get excited about I dont know where to start.

They look good, they look modern and they arent big and bulky. They take a stock standard cheap CFL ES globe you can buy at Woolworths or Coles. They arent a fancy bulb that you need to get a bank loan to buy! You can put a 15 watt globe in there that will be the equivalent of a 75 watt globe so you get heaps of light! If you put a warm coloured compact fluro globe in there you wont even know that it is a fluorescent globe at all. They are cheap so the wife will love them! The main reason I love them is that these are the first design where someone has actually looked at the shape of a compact fluoro globe and wants to get the most light for the customer out of the fitting. You see the globe is mounted sideways. This means that you get the most light as possible where you need it. Other fittings have the globe in a upright position. This means all the light is going sideways!

They are available in white and satin chrome so will suit most interior designs. There is one negative though. The dimmable compact fluorescent globes currently available wont fit in them. This means you cant dim them. But hey, there are so many advantages these far outweigh the disadvantages (who’s to say dimmable globes won’t get smaller in size too and fit in later down the track)

Contact me if you want me to quote you on some

Good luck with your lighting in your home

Kind regards


UPDATE: I have added these energy saving fittings to the site in single quantities. If you need 14 or more I might be able to squeeze the price little – Contact me

Here is a short video I have put together with further info

Which is more efficient 12 volt halogen or 240 volt halogens?

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Hey there,
Just wanting to know what uses less power to run? Is it 12v 50w downlight or a 240v 50w downlight?

Regards Michael

Energy conscious but of course want to light the rooms sufficiently

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We are about to move into a new project home. I have an electrician friend who will help me install downlights. I am energy conscious but of course I also want to light the rooms sufficiently, I also want to dim the lights. I have borrowed a sample of the new compact fluorescent lamps in a downlight fixture and with it temporarily wired to an extension chord whilst I held it at the ceiling in a dark room my wife and I were not impressed with the light out put, it was 11W supposedly the equivalent of a 60 Watt but it was more like our camp light in our tent and of course was not dimmable, this lead us to borrow a new Infra red coated dichroic 12 V lamp, which of course is dimmable, the one we borrowed was 20 W but there is a 37 W available that is more like a 55W lamp (apparently) this seemed to give a better light and is the way we are thinking of going, as it has power consumption advantages and gives good light, our dilemma now is how many to fit to a room, getting advice from the internet has confused me no end as some say better to fit more and use dimmers and others suggest 6 is plenty for an average room.