At Last, an MR16 LED downlight that produces MORE light than a halogen

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Yes you have read this correctly. Whilst everyone else is trying to produce a LED down light that has the same light output as a standard halogen, the new Osram Coinlight Power LED down light actually produces more light than the standard halogen. The next generation LED downlight has arrived.

This new Osram Coinlight Power MR16 LED Downlight is like nothing we have seen before. Normally LED manufacturers baffle the customer (and us) by quoting their LED downlight output light performance in lumens. We all know that the light output of a halogen reflector globe is measured in Lux so until now it has been impossible to compare apples with apples. This has finally changed – here is a brand name LED with a real comparable test, Osram Halogen MR16 vs the latest in Osram LED technology. See for yourself

G50 LED MR16 Comparison Chart

Osram Coinlight LED MR16 Comparison Chart

Not only is the light output of the new Osram Coinlight Power LED down light nothing we have experienced before, but the physical design is something worth mentioning too. It has been designed with more cooling fins than most aircraft engines. Due to popular belief LEDs still get hot – damn hot. In the past premature failure of cheapo imported MR16 LED bulbs has mainly been due to the circuit board that the LEDs are attached too simply burning out. The physical LEDs were probably fine when the lights went out and left you in the dark but the circuit board got too hot and died. The Osram Coinlight Power LED unit has a long life rating due its unique heat dissipation design with the cooling fins and this is why Osram can offer a 30,000 hour life with this product

Osram G50 LED MR16 Halogen Replacement Downlight

Osram Coinlight Power LED MR16 Halogen Replacement Downlight

The LED lamp face is just 50mm (exactly the same as a standard MR16 halogen). So in the fitting it looks just like a standard halogen except with the energy saving and long life benefits. The other big thing is that it fully dimmable!

We have packaged this great Osram Coinlight Power LED downlight bulb in to a complete kit. LED bulbs, great looking light fitting, dedicated LED driver (not some transformer designed to run halogen lights) and complete with flex and plug lead

For more detailed specs please visit here

Change from Halogen Downlights to something more Energy Efficient

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I have some halogen down lights that I would like to make more energy efficient

What steps would you recommend…

Keeping and replacing bulbs perhaps transformers

Or replacing with CFL GU10 fittings

Or perhaps another idea

Thanks in advance


Halogen, LED or CFL Downlights?

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Hi Daniel,

After much contemplation, I had already come to the conclusion to install Halogen downlights in the new house when I came across your informative article in Lightingpro. One day when the choice has improved and the price is much better, I might look at LED’s.

In the meantime, would you make lamp/fitting recommendations please?

Looks like 12V lamp type with Redback transformers where I want real light (living/kitchen), (some gimble fittings);

Thinking of non-dimmable CFL’s for places where I just want some effect lights – outside under the eaves to light the wall; it’s a broad beam so gimble is not important;

Was thinking of a limited number of LEDS for “night” lights in halls and the like where they can be left on for extended periods.

Best Regards
Roy Flynn

LED Magic Light Bulb Globes

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Hi There

As seen on Today Tonight. Energy saving LED lighting that lasts for 10 years

Sorry we are still waiting for stock to arrive of the LED Magic LED light bulb globes but please register your interest here and we will let you know when stock is available

please email with your return email contact details and how many units you are chasing

Kind regards


What is the true life of a CFL compact fluorescent

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Hi There

I am the head of the body corporate of our building and currently using incandescent globes in our fittings in the common areas. I would like to use compact fluorescent globes CFL to try and save electricity but also save on our building maintenance costs.

We will get the same life that is quoted by the manufactures if we have the lights on for extended periods at a time?

Looking forward to your response.

Kind regards


DIY Lighting Projects Changing Halogen to CFL

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Hi there,

I have to tell you about a situation I had this afternoon.

It made me laugh and put a huge smile on my face but really it is quite a serious subject

One of my customers called me to tell me that the fittings he had received in the mail today were faulty. He went on to explain that for some strange reason the hole was not big enough for the GU10 CFL globe to fit into the housing and that the globe was sitting proud of the fitting. I asked him if he had removed the front twist lock and he assured me he had but it still wouldnt fit in. I said that it was very strange and to try the other 5 fittings we had supplied and see if they were any different but he told me that they were exactly the same and short of using a hammer they just would not fit in.

I assured him that if the fitting was faulty that my supplier for this fitting (Crompton Lighting) had extremely good customer service and one way or another we get the problem sorted out. In the interim I suggested he send me the photos of the fittings and the problem.

Here are the photos he sent.

DIY CFL Lighting Project

DIY CFL Lighting Project 2

DIY CFL Lighting Project 3

The email that came with the pictures said “As per our telephone conversation earlier today all 6 are exactly the same. So either the globe is too big or the housing is too small. Or I have got something wrong? Please advise.”

This alarmed me. Here was a guy at home that got online and ordered some light fittings and thought he could fit them himself. So apart from trying to put the globe in from the wrong side of the fitting (the globe should be sitting on the rear of the twist lock face) this guy was obviously also going to do his own electrical work as well. In Australia any electrical work must only be done by a qualified electrician. Dont get me wrong there are some electricians that wouldnt know which way to put the globe in either but hopefully he has a good idea on how to wire it safely.

There are some things you can do yourself without getting into too much trouble hopefully. You can mark holes, drill the cut outs and even run some wire if you like but when it comes to attaching the wire to the mains power this job should only be done by trained professionals.

If the fitting is sold a DIY fitting then you dont need an electrician. But if you dont see DIY in the product description or on the box then do as much as you can and then call the sparky!!

Energy Saving MR16 Halogen Globes

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Today I got quite a shock.

Crompton have just launched a new Energy Saving Halogen Globes that will give the other manufacturers a run for their money.

The range is small but they offer something for almost all lighting installations

Something that really impressed me was the MR16 12 Volt Energy Saving Halogen replacement. Two things absolutely blew me away. One was the amazing light output and second was the low cost.

They have released two 12V MR16 replacement versions, a VWFL (Very Wide Flood Light) 60 degree and also a WFL (Wide Flood Light) 36 degree

They use only 40 watts of power instead of the standard 50 watts so you get a 20% energy saving. This also means 20% less heat. The good think though is the technology inside the halogen capsule. Even though there is a 20% energy saving this doesnt mean you have less light. Quite to the contrary.

The new VWFL energy saver halogen puts out 1000 candelas and the WFL puts out 1800 candelas. This doesnt mean much unless you know what a standard bulb puts out. The standard halogens put out 720 candelas and 1450 candelas respectively. This means you actually getting a lot more light for less power consumption.

The Osram IRC equivalents offer a slightly better energy saving but sell for $13.75 each ($27.50 for a twin pack) whilst the Crompton MR16 Energy Saver is only $6.60 each ($65 for a 10 pack) which make it not much more than a quality standard globe.

This product gets my thumbs up!!

Crompton Energy Saving MR16 Halogen Replacement Crompton Lighting Logo

Why Wont My Low Voltage CFL Work On My Transformer

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We have a outside coach light running a 60w low voltage light running of a HPM transformer, this has been operating for a number of years and we decided to upgrade the globe to a new compact fluro 12v 20watt globe.

When we replaced it it lit up well and we went inside. After we went out to look at this globe and it was off, I looked inside the lamp housing and a bad smell and hot base on the fluro globe.

We replaced it with the original globe and this worked ok ,so could you tell me what could be the problem.

The fluro globe has this on the box; HLDCSCT4/58-20W 12V 3000K B22. The transformer has this info; HPM CATRGL11 230-240 V 50Hz AC 150 Va max

Thank you for your help


New Light Fittings – What I would install

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Everyone asks me for advice on what type of light fittings to install.

Sometimes they have already bought the lights, sometimes they have drilled the holes in the ceiling already, nearly everyone has a friend who is an electrician who “knows all about lights” but very rarely does anyone ever come to me and ask “what would you do if you were starting new?”.

In fact there have been only 2 people that didn’t have any commitment or prejudice to one style or another and both took my advice and are over the moon with the results. The sad thing is that I make less money putting customers into the right light fitting than I do putting them into the wrong one (what is wrong with me??)

Here is a picture of my dream light (click on it and it gets bigger)

New Style Energy Saving Downlight Alternative

Now a lot of people are scratching their heads wondering why this is so exciting. There are so many reasons to get excited about I dont know where to start.

They look good, they look modern and they arent big and bulky. They take a stock standard cheap CFL ES globe you can buy at Woolworths or Coles. They arent a fancy bulb that you need to get a bank loan to buy! You can put a 15 watt globe in there that will be the equivalent of a 75 watt globe so you get heaps of light! If you put a warm coloured compact fluro globe in there you wont even know that it is a fluorescent globe at all. They are cheap so the wife will love them! The main reason I love them is that these are the first design where someone has actually looked at the shape of a compact fluoro globe and wants to get the most light for the customer out of the fitting. You see the globe is mounted sideways. This means that you get the most light as possible where you need it. Other fittings have the globe in a upright position. This means all the light is going sideways!

They are available in white and satin chrome so will suit most interior designs. There is one negative though. The dimmable compact fluorescent globes currently available wont fit in them. This means you cant dim them. But hey, there are so many advantages these far outweigh the disadvantages (who’s to say dimmable globes won’t get smaller in size too and fit in later down the track)

Contact me if you want me to quote you on some

Good luck with your lighting in your home

Kind regards


UPDATE: I have added these energy saving fittings to the site in single quantities. If you need 14 or more I might be able to squeeze the price little – Contact me

Here is a short video I have put together with further info

Energy Saving Alternative to Halogen Downlights

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Good morning,
My inquiry is in regard to replacing my 40 halogen downlights with energy saving ones.

My question I guess is what do you recommend, as I require lighting that is very similar to the 50 watt halogens.

Do you have lights that do not heat up like the halogens, if I am replacing them, safety is a big issue, as I worry about halogens and the heat they generate. Hopefully you can guide in the right direction.