PAR30 50W Light Globes

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Re Par 30 50 watt Light bulb

Hi There

I bought a lamp that can be used as a desk light or a bed side light from a lighting shop (not yours)

The sales people assured me it was regular readily available light globe but now that they have both blown I cant find them anywhere

The markings are PAR30 50W C Lighting Ltd

Do you know where I can find replacements

Many thanks


Do 20 Watt SES Lava Lamp Globes Exist?

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we are trying to get a lava lamp working again- it uses a R39 20W reflector with a 14mm screw thread, we have been unable to source this bulb and have proved that a 25W is dangerous and a 15W doesn’t work.

We wondered whether you could help?

btw great website

thank you,
Christopher Sharp