Dichroic Halogen

Dichroic Halogen Reflector Lamps including MR11, GU10, MR16, Hi-Spot 50, Alustar, High Spot, Decostar, Titan, SA111, Halospot, AR 111 and JDR Halogen Lamps in brands and compatibles such as Osram, Sylvania, GE, Crompton, GE, Philips and others.

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35W Warm White Dimmable Halogen Lamp (Sold as 2)

Part No: VBGU1050-35W
$18.00 incl tax

GU10 240V 50W Halogen Lamps (4 Pack)

Part No: GU10MI438EXCEL
$20.00 incl tax $15.00 incl tax

High Spot JDR E14 Halogen Reflector Bulb (Twin Pack)

JDR Halogen Light 50W 2700K E14 is a popular halogen reflector lamp most commonly used specifically for Rangehood Applications. Can also be used for other suitable applications where required according to specifications.
$40.00 incl tax

MR16 12V Halogen Globe 5000 Hour (8 Pack)

Part No: 24641
$40.00 incl tax

MR16 12V 50 Watt BA15D Halogen Reflector (5 pack)

Part No: 064-012/050W
$70.00 incl tax

MR16 12V 50W 60DEG FNV Closed Halogen (10 Pack)

Part No: 063-012/050D
$85.00 incl tax