PL 11W Warm White Fluorescent Lamps (Sold as 10)

Part No: 4050300025759

$80.00 incl tax

Sold as 10

- PL 11W Warm White Fluorescent Lamps (Sold as 10)

- Single tube, 2-pin G23 Base, for use with magnetic ballasts.
- U shaped tube and a 2 pin base which incorporates the starter and capacitor
- Compact size makes them suitable for use in a variety of applications where incandescent or discharge light source light fittings were traditionally used
- Large range of colour temperatures and wattages available
- High quality, long life, energy saving lamps
- Manufactured to Australian Standard AS 1201-1989
- Also available in Homelight, Warm White, Cool White & Daylight colours here
- Also available in 7, 9 & 11 watts here

- For commercial applications where a compact energy saving and efficient light source is required
- Ideal for downlights and wall lights in office buildings, foyers, and hotels
- Suitable for indoor use only

Burning Position
- Universal

An extensive range of compact fluorescent lamps offering the same benefits of standard fluorescent tubes with the advantage that their compact size makes them suitable for use in shallow or miniature luminaires. Like standard fluorescent tubes these lamps can only be used in luminaires with an appropriate lamp holder and control gear.

Colour Temp
Diamension in mm (LxD)
Luminous Flux
Average Rated Life
235 x 28
900 lm
10000 hrs