Discharge Lamp Cross Reference Chart

Standard Mercury Vapour
HQL 50HPLN 50HSLBW 50HR 50/27MBF 50WBuy Now
HQL 80HPLN 80HSLBW 80HR 80/27MBF 80WBuy Now
HQL 125HPLN 125HSLBW 125HR 125/27MBF 125WBuy Now
HQL 250HPLN 250HSLBW 250HR 250DX37MBF 250WBuy Now
HQL 400HPLN 400HSLBW 400HR400DX33MBF 400WBuy Now
HQL 700HPLN 700HSLBW 700MBF 700WContact Us
HQL 1000HPLN 1000HSLBW 1000XHR1000DX34MBF 1000WContact Us
Self Ballasted Mercury Vapour
HWL 160W 235VML 160WHSB-BW 160WHMLI 160/230-240Buy Now
HWL 250W 235VML 250WHSB-BW 250WHMLI 250/230-240Buy Now
HWL 500W 235VML 500WHSB-BW 500WHMLI 500/230-240Buy Now
High Pressure Sodium Elliptical
NAV E 50 4YSON50W PIAContact Us
NAV E 50/ESON50W-ESHP-S 50W CO/ELU 50/90/D/27SONE50Buy Now
NAV E 50/I 4YContact Us
NAV E 50/ISON50W-1SHP 50W CO/ILU50/90/D/I/27SONE50COIBuy Now
NAV E 70 4YSON70W PIAContact Us
NAV E 70/ESON70W-ESHP-S 70W CO/ELU 70/90/D/27SONE70Buy Now
NAV E 70/I 4YContact Us
NAV E 70/ISON70W-1SHP70CO/ILU 70/90/D/I/27SONE70CDIBuy Now
NAV E 100 SuperSON100 PIA PlusLU 100/100/HO/D/40Buy Now
NAV E 110SPX ECO ARC 98WContact Us
NAV E 150 4YSON150W PIAContact Us
NAV E 150/ESON150WSHP E150LU 150/100/D/40SONE150Buy Now
NAV E 150 SuperSON150 PIA PlusLU 150/100/HO/D/50Contact Us
NAV E 150/ISON150W-1Buy Now
NAV E 210 (1)SONH 210SPX ECO ARC 190WLUH 215/D/EZ/40Contact Us
NAV E 250 4YSON250W PIAContact Us
NAV E 250/eSON250WSHP E250LU 250/D/40SONE250Buy Now
NAV E 250 SuperSON250W PIA PlusLU 250/HO/D/40Contact Us
NAV E 250/ISON250-1Contact Us
NAV E 350 (1)SONH350SPX ECO ARC 295WContact Us
NAV E 400 4YSON400W PIAContact Us
NAV E 400/ESON400W PIASHP E 400LU 400/D/40SONE400Buy Now
NAV E 400 SuperSON400W PIA PlusLU 400/HO/D/40Contact Us
NAV E 400/ISON 400W-1Contact Us
NAV E 1000SON 1000WLU 1000/110/D/40SONE1000Contact Us
(1) Retrofit HPS lamp to be operated on mecury vapour control gear
High Pressure Sodium Tubular
NAV T 50 Super 4YSON T 50 PLUSSHP-TS-50/CL/ELU 50/85/HO/T/27SONT 50Contact Us
NAV T 70 Super 4YSON T 70 PLUSSHPT70CL/ELU 70/90/HO/Y/27SONT 70Buy Now
NAV T 100 Super 4YSON T 100 PLUSSHPT100LU 100/100/HO/T/40SONT 100Buy Now
NAV T 150 4YSON T 150 PIABuy Now
NAV T 150SON T 150SHPT150LU 150/100/D40SONT 150Buy Now
NAV T 150 Super 4YSON T 150 PLUSLU 150/100/HO/T/40Buy Now
NAV T 250 4YSON T 250 PIABuy Now
NAV T 250SON T 250SHPT250LU 250/40SONT 250Buy Now
NAV T 250 Super 4YSON T 250 PLUSLU 250/HO/T/40Buy Now
NAV T 250/ISON T 250-1Buy Now
NAV T 400 4YSON T 400 PIAContact Us
NAV T 400SON T 400SHPT400LU 400/40SONT 400Contact Us
NAV T 400 Super 4YSON T 400 PIA PLUSLU 400/HO/T/40Buy Now
NAV T 400/ISON T 400-1Buy Now
NAV T 600 Super 4YSON T 600 PIA PLUSSHP-TS-600LU 600/HO/T/40Buy Now
NAV T 1000SON T 1000SONT 1000Buy Now
Low Pressure Sodium
SOX 18WSOX 18WSOX 18WSOX 18Contact Us
SOX 35WSOX 35WSOX 35WSOX 35Contact Us
SOX 55WSOX 55WSOX 55WSOX 55Contact Us
SOX 90WSOX 90WSOX 90WSOX 90Contact Us
SOX E 26WSOX E 26WContact Us
SOX 135WSOX 135WSOX 135WSOX 135Contact Us
SOX 180WSOX 180WSOX 180WContact Us
North American Metal Hallide Lamps
MI 175W/UM175/UMVR175/UMH175UContact Us
MI 250W/UM250/UMVR250/UMH250UContact Us
MI 250W/C/UMH 250 CUE 40M250/C/UMVR250/C/UMH250CUContact Us
MI 400W/UHPI 400WBUM400/UMVR400/U/IMH400UContact Us
MI 400W/C/UMH 400 CUE 40M400/C/UMVR400/C/UMH400CUContact Us
MI 1000W/UM1000/UMVR1000/UMH1000BUContact Us
High Output
MIS 400W/BUMS400/BUContact Us
MIS 400W/C/BUMS400/C/BUMVR 400/C/VBU/40Contact Us
MIS 1000W/BUMS1000/BUContact Us
Double Ended
MI 1500/T7/DEM 1500/T7/DEMVR1500/T7/DEContact Us
MI 2000/T8/DEM 2000/T8/DEMVR 2000/T8DEContact Us
MI 2000/T9/DEM 2000/T9/DEMVR 2000/T9DEContact Us
European Metal Hallide Lamps
Tubular 35 - 150W
HCI-T 35W/WDLCDM T 35W/830CMI-T-35W/WDL G12CMH35/T/UVC/U/830/G12Contact Us
HCI-T 70W/WDL-PBCDM T 70W/830CMI-T-70W/WDL G12CMH70/T/UVC/U/830/G12Contact Us
HCI-T 70W/NDL-PBCDM T 70W/942CMI-T-70W/NDLCMH35/T/UVC/U/830/G12Buy Now
HCI-T 150W/WDL-PBCDM T 150W/830CMI-T-150W/WDLCMH35/T/UVC/U/942/G12Buy Now
HCI-T 150W/NDL-PBCDM T 150W/942CMI-T-150W/NDLCMH150/T/UVC/U/830/G12Buy Now
HCI-TC 35W/WDLCDM TC 35W/830CMI-TC-35W/WDL G8.5CMH35/TC/UVC/830/G8.5Buy Now
HCI-TC 70W/WDL-PBCDM TC 70W 830CMI-TC-70W/WDL G8.5CMH70/TC/UVC/830/G8.5Buy Now
HCI-TT 70W/WDL-PBCDM TT 70W/830Buy Now
HCI-TT 150W/WDL-PBCDM TT 150W/830Buy Now
Double Ended 70 - 150W
HCI-TS 150W/WDL-PBCDM TD 150W/830CMI-TD-150W/WDLCMH150/TD/UVC/830/RX7s-24Buy Now
HCI-TS 150W/NDLCDM TD 150W/942CMI-TD-150W/NDLCMH150/TD/UVC/942/RX7s-24Buy Now
PAR 35 - 70W
HCI-PAR20 35W/WDL FLCDM-R 35W/830 PAR20L30DGCMH35/PAR20/UVC/830/E27/FLBuy Now
HCI-PAR20 35W/WDL SPCDM-R 35W/830 PAR20L10DGCMH35/PAR20/UVC/830/E27/SPBuy Now
HCI-PAR30 35W/WDL FLCDM-R 35W/830 PAR30L30DGCMH35/PAR30/UVC/830/E27/FLBuy Now
HCI-PAR30 35W/WDL SPCDM-R 35W/830 PAR30L10DGCMH35/PAR30/UVC/830/E27/SPBuy Now
HCI-PAR30 70W/WDL FLCDM-R 70W/830 PAR30L30DGCMH70/PAR30/UVC/830/E27/FLBuy Now
HCI-PAR30 70W/WDL SPCDM-R 70W/830 PAR30L10DGCMH70/PAR30/UVC/830/E27/SPBuy Now
Elliptical 70 - 150W
HCI-E/P 70W/WDL Coated PBCMH70/E/UVC/U/830/E27/DBuy Now
HCI-E/P 70W/WDL Clear PBBuy Now
HCI-E/P 100W/WDL PBCMH100/E/UVC/U/830/E27/DContact Us
HCI-E/P 150W/WDL Coated PBBuy Now
HCI-E/P 150W/WDL Clear PBContact Us
HCI-E/P 150W/NDL Coated PBContact Us
HCI-E/P 150W/NDL Clear PBContact Us
Ceramic 250W
HCI-T 250W/WDL-PBContact Us
HCI-E 250W/WDL-PBContact Us
HCI-TS 250W/WDL-PBContact Us
Metal Hallide - Quartz Arc Tube
Tubular 70 - 150W
HQI T 70W/WDLMHNT70/3KHSI-T70W3KMBI70/T/30MBIT703000UContact Us
HQI T 70W/NDLMHNT70/4KHSI-T70W4KMBI70/T/40MBIT704000UContact Us
HQI T 150W/WDLMHNT150/3KHSI-T150W3KMBI150/T/30MBIT1503000UContact Us
HQI T 150W/NDLMHNT150/4KHSI-T150W/4KMBI150/T/40MBIT1504000UContact Us
Double Ended 70 - 150W
Elliptical 70 - 150W
HQI E 70W/WDL ClClearHSI-MP75W/CL U-E27Buy Now
HQI E 70W/WDL CCoatedHSI-MP75W/CO U-E27Contact Us
HQI E 70W/NDL ClClearMVR 70/U/MEDContact Us
HQI E 70W/NDL CoCoatedMVR 70/C/U/MEDContact Us
HQI E 100W/WDL ClearHSI-MP100W/CL U-E27Contact Us
HQI E 100W/WDL CoatedHSI-MP100W/CO U-E27Contact Us
HQI E 100W/NDL CClearMVR 100/U/MEDContact Us
HQI E 100W/NDL CoatedMVR 100/C/U/MEDContact Us
HQI E 150W/WDL ClearHSI-MP150W/CL U-E27Contact Us
HQI E 150W/WDL CoatedHSI-MP150W/CO U-E27Contact Us
HQI E 150W/NDL CClearMVR 150/U/MEDContact Us
HQI E 150W/NDL CoatedMVR 150/C/U/MEDContact Us
Elliptical 250 - 400W
HQI E 250W/DHSI-SX-250/CO (250HPS)ARC250/D/H/740/E40MB/F/D 250Buy Now
HQI E 400W/DHSI-SX-400/CO (400HPS)MB/F/D 400Buy Now
HQI E 250W/N ClearBuy Now
HQI E 250W/N CoatedBuy Now
HQI E 250W/N/SI BUHPI 400 BUBuy Now
Tubular 250 - 400W
HQI T 250W/N/SIHPI T 250 BUContact Us
HQI T 400W/BLUEContact Us
HQI T 400W/GREENContact Us
HQI T 400W/N CLEARHSI-TSX-400/CL (400HPS)MBI400/TContact Us
HQI T 400W/N/SIHPI T 400 BUContact Us
Tubular 1000 - 3500W
HQI T 1000W/DSPL 1000/T/H/960/E40Buy Now
HQI T 2000W/DHSI-T-2000W-S4K 380VSPL 2000/T/H/960/E40Buy Now
HQI T 2000W/D/IBuy Now
HQI T 2000W/NSPL 2000/I/T/H/960/E40Buy Now
HQI T 2000W/N 230V 4X1HPI T 2000/230VHSI-T 2000W/4K/230VBuy Now
HQI T 2000W/N/E SuperHSI-T 2000-4K 380VBuy Now
HQI T 3500W/DContact Us
Double Ended 250 - 400W
HQI TS 250W/DBuy Now
HQI TS 250W/NDL UVSMHN TD 250HIS-TD 250W/NDL 4K UVSMBI 250/TD/840 Fc2Buy Now
HQI TS 250W/WDL UVSMHW TD 250HIS-TD 250W/NDL 3K UVSMBI 250/TD/830 Fc2Buy Now
HQI TS 400W/DBuy Now
HQI TS 400W/NDLBuy Now
Double Ended 1000 - 2000W
HQI TS 1000W/D/SBuy Now
HQI TS 2000W/DBuy Now
HQI TS 2000W/D/SHIS-TD 2000W/DBuy Now