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105 Watt GLS Halogen Replacement Light Globe (12 Pack)

Part No: 4008321934284
$50.00 incl tax

12 Volt Xenon 10,000 hour Bipin Capsule Lamps (Twin pack)

Part No: 4058075094215-1
$13.00 incl tax

12V 100W Garden Light Transformer

Part No: 6120056244
$120.00 incl tax

28W BC Clear GLS Halogen Light Globes (Twin Pack)

$10.00 incl tax

42W BC Clear GLS Halogen Light Globes (Twin Pack)

$15.00 incl tax

6W 12V GU5.3 LED MR16 Lamps (5 Pack)

Part No: CMR166W65
$60.00 incl tax $50.00 incl tax

75W=53W BC Clear GLS Halogen Light Globes (4 Pack)

Part No: HGLSMI2BCCL53 x 2
$20.00 incl tax

7W GU10 Compact Fluorescent

Part No: 25553
$18.00 incl tax

CCD Compact Fluorescent Candle Lamps

Part No: 25610
$12.00 incl tax

CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Part No: 25601
$10.00 incl tax

CFR Compact Fluorescent Reflector Lamps

Part No: 25607
$22.00 incl tax

E12 240V 25W Clear Candle Globes (25 Pack)

Part No: LLC-E12/260/25
$125.00 incl tax

Egg Shaped Incandescent Pendant

Part No: 24881
$81.00 incl tax

GU10 240V 50W Halogen Lamps (4 Pack)

Part No: GU10MI438EXCEL
$20.00 incl tax $18.00 incl tax

Halogen Linear Double Ended J Type Lamps

Part No: 16481
$8.00 incl tax

High Spot JDR E14 Halogen Reflector Bulb (Twin Pack)

JDR Halogen Light 50W 2700K E14 is a popular halogen reflector lamp most commonly used specifically for Rangehood Applications. Can also be used for other suitable applications where required according to specifications.
$40.00 incl tax

LED Downlight Kit with 10W ES Opal Lamp

Part No: 27146
$20.00 incl tax

MR16 12V 50W 60DEG FNV Closed Halogen (10 Pack)

Part No: 063-012/050D
$85.00 incl tax

Multi Colour RGB 5 Watt MR16 LED Lamp

Part No: MCL116
$80.00 incl tax

Osram DULUX S Compact Fluorescent Lamps (10 Pack)

Osram DULUX S Compact Fluorescent Lamps in 5 watt, 7 watt, 9 watt and 11 watt models
$80.00 incl tax

Osram G4 12V 20 Watt Oven Bi Pin Globe (Twin Pack)

Part No: 4050300308050
$24.00 incl tax

Osram Halopar PAR38 100W E27 Halogen Lamps (12 Pack)

Part No: 4008321372079
$145.00 incl tax

Osram HALOPIN G9 Halogen Oven Bi Pin Lamps (20 Pack)

Part No: 4008321703552
$240.00 incl tax

Osram LED Star MR11 2.9W 12V GU4 Lamp (Sold as 6)

Part No: 4058075813410
$60.00 incl tax

Osram PARATHOM PAR38 12W 30deg E27 Lamps (Sold as 6)

Part No: 4058075184534
$180.00 incl tax

Osram Powerball HCI T

$90.00 incl tax

Osram Single Ended Tungsten Halogen Bi Pin Lamps

Part No: 4008321098719
$40.00 incl tax

Pierlite ECO LED Batten Gen2 Batten

Part No: ECOBAT204E4
$96.00 incl tax

Pygmy Pilot Globes Lamps 10 pack

Part No: 10181
$30.00 incl tax

R80 Incandescent Reflector Lamps

Part No: 10069
$5.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx CFL 36W Warm White 2G11 10 Pack

Part No: 252370
$158.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx-CFD / 2-pin Lamps

Part No: 252016
$8.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx-CFDE / 4-pin Lamps (Sold as 10)

Part No: 253900
$115.00 incl tax

Sylvania SHP-TS Grolux Arc Tube (Sold as 6)

Part No: 673000G
Sylvania SHP-TS Grolux
$890.00 incl tax

XL-LED Performance 3W LED Candle Lamps

Part No: 27023
$29.00 incl tax

XL-LED Performance LED Fancy Round Lamps

Part No: 27018
$30.00 incl tax